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About Me:

Since childhood I’ve wanted to work in the art industry. I’ve always had a passion for animation and the creative arts. Since school days I’ve sketched, taught myself to play guitar and dabbled in graphic design and animation.

Being born in South Africa and living Spain for 3 years has allowed me to experience and appreciate different cultures, languages and art forms.

I started going to the ANIM8 course in 3D Animation with Blender Part Time Course with Willem Verwey on weekends while I was still in high school and completed the course on the 26 of August 2008 with 90%. From then I’ve been self studying Blender and improving my skills with the program.

After I finished school I went to study 3D Studio Max and learned how to use Adobe Photoshop at the Learn 3D Training Centre with Gustavo Muelenaere and Christopher Combrink. I completed this course in a year and I am certified to use this program.

This is not just a career to me, it’s a calling. I am always working to improve my skills and knowledge as an animator. I enjoy a challenge and learning new things.